How can architecture be used in street photography?

Australia has some rather unique architecture. Some of it is obvious, and some is off the beaten track.

A fun element of street photography is exploring and finding new places, then figuring out how best to use those places in your photography.

About this street photo

I took this at the Anglican Diocese of Perth, which is tucked away behind St George’s Anglican Cathedral in Perth CBD.

It was taken midday with strong sunshine, hence the blown out fragment of light.

One of the hardest aspects of street photography in Perth is finding an interesting character to make the shot “work”, especially in a tucked-away place like this.

Fortunately on this occasion I got lucky, and this chap walked by in a black suit.

In retrospect I should’ve taken more shots. It would’ve been interesting a moment later with the man out of view but his shadow cast into the fragment of light.

A better photo perhaps? I’ll never find out.